The Best Ways to Exercise for Diabetes Management

exercise for diabetes

The best ways to exercise for diabetes management

According to the Center for Disease Control, 34.2 million American have diabetes and 88 million adults have pre-diabetes. In other words, 10.5 percent of the American population already has the disease. 34.5 percent of the adult population is on the doorstep. 

Diabetes is often combined with other ailments such as heart disease and high blood pressure, creating a health crisis across the nation.

Along with changes in diet, exercise is one of the best ways to help your body fight diabetes. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can really increase the body’s ability to lower blood sugar. Let’s take a look at some of the best exercises to help you fight diabetes or keep yourself from a diabetes diagnosis.

Before starting any new workout routine, be sure and consult your physician. Make sure any of the exercises you’re considering are right for you and your condition. We hope we can help you find a path forward in your battle against diabetes.


Any aerobic exercise will do, of course, but walking is a great way to help lower your blood sugar levels. Walking at a brisk pace is a great way to get in your exercise each day. When the weather is nice, you can walk outside around the neighborhood or at the park and enjoy the sunshine. People with diabetes in the Ozarks definitely have no shortage of places to go for a walk.

When the weather is bad, a trip to Advance Fitness in Springfield, MO, will provide some treadmill time. No matter the situation, it’s easy to get in your exercise each day with a good walk!


Riding a bicycle is a fantastic way to get some exercise. The Springfield area has lots to offer cyclists of all abilities and ages. Whether you want a leisurely ride around the park, a great road ride into the countryside, or a tough mountain bike ride, you can find it in the Ozarks.

Not only does cycling help get your heart rate up, it is also easy on your body! Unlike running, cycling is much easier on the knees and ankles, so the likelihood of a serious overuse injury isn’t as high.


Swimming is another great exercise for diabetes management. Swimming is a tremendous way to build up your cardio stamina and build strength in your arms, legs, and core. Like cycling, swimming is really easy on your joints, making it an excellent exercise for older people or those who would like to lose some weight before taking on activities like running.

Once you’ve established a swimming workout routine, work different strokes into your arsenal for an even more thorough workout!

Strength Training

We’re a gym, so of course this one is in our wheelhouse! Resistance training is an anaerobic exercise for diabetes management, which means that it helps build muscle and power. However, you still receive the benefits associated with managing your diabetes such as burning calories and helping manage your blood glucose levels

Strength training exercise for diabetes management doesn’t have to just be heavy lifting. The use of any form of resistance from a band to a deadlift will provide benefits. If you haven’t been in the gym in awhile, start slowly and with lighter weights until you get the hang of it again. Using lighter weights in a high intensity interval training routine is a perfect way to get going!

At Advance Fitness, our personal trainers can also help get you started toward managing your diabetes. Our experienced and friendly staff can offer one-on-one sessions with you or can help develop a custom written plan to help get your journey started. 

As with any life change, keep at it until your workout routine becomes a habit. Determination will go a long way toward helping you make working out a regular part of your day, which in turn will help you better manage your glucose levels.


We certainly recommend that you discuss any life changes with your physician before starting. However, below are some great resources and information for you as you get set to take on the challenge of battling diabetes.

American Diabetes Association 

Center for Disease Control

Johns Hopkins

Advance Fitness

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