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exercise for diabetes

The Best Ways to Exercise for Diabetes Management

The best ways to exercise for diabetes management According to the Center for Disease Control, 34.2 million American have diabetes and 88 million adults have pre-diabetes. In other words, 10.5 percent of the American population already has the disease. 34.5 percent of the adult population is on the doorstep.  Diabetes is often combined with other […]

Benefits of exercise on mental health

3 Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

3 Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health We all know the physical health benefits of exercise, but recent studies have shown there are several benefits of exercise on mental health, too! From improving memory and learning to helping improve your mood, exercise can keep you healthy in several different ways. Let’s take a look at […]

Benefits of a barbell workout

5 Essential Moves for a Barbell Workout

If you have an interest in bodybuilding and are looking for a great place to start your strength training regimen, these essential barbell workout moves are a great starting point. Learning the proper form and technique for back squats, bench press, overhead press, lunges, and bent over row will have you off and running quickly. […]

4 Useful Exercise Tips for Seniors

4 Useful Exercise Tips for Seniors

4 Useful Exercise Tips for Seniors … and a bonus tip! Seniors can gain many benefits from regular exercise. As we age, many of the things we took for granted begin to fail us. Balance, strength, and stamina seem to disappear with age, but a regular workout routine can help us overcome parts of the […]

Michelle Anderson weight loss journey

Michelle Anderson’s Weight Loss Success

Michelle Anderson knew she needed to get serious about weight loss. “It started when I couldn’t sit comfortably in our car on road trips. I’d gained a lot of weight in a short period of time – 40+ lbs in 6 months. I knew I had to make some changes,” Anderson said. Once the realization […]

Benefits of a Gym Membership

7 Benefits of a Gym Membership – Plus a Bonus!

There are many benefits of a gym membership The benefits of a gym membership range from the obvious such as improved fitness to other reasons you might not have considered such as socializing. Joining a gym is a great investment in yourself! Let’s take a look at seven great reasons you should join a gym […]