Michelle Anderson’s Weight Loss Success

Michelle Anderson weight loss journey

Michelle Anderson knew she needed to get serious about weight loss.

“It started when I couldn’t sit comfortably in our car on road trips. I’d gained a lot of weight in a short period of time – 40+ lbs in 6 months. I knew I had to make some changes,” Anderson said.

Once the realization set in that she needed to make some lifestyle changes, the next step was finding a place in which she felt comfortable and someone who could help hold her accountable to a weight loss workout plan. A quick search of the web led her to just the right place.

Michelle said, “Through an Internet search I found Advanced Fitness North. The location is close to my home and with 24-hour access, it would be perfect. The only thing missing – accountability. Like a lot of people, I can justify pretty much anything, so I need someone I have to answer to.

“Enter my trainer, Danielle. Not only does she push me during our workouts, but she also listens and is very encouraging.”

Danielle Richter is one of Advance Fitness’s longest-tenured personal trainers. She has helped many people from beginners looking to get started on their fitness journey to experienced people looking to break through a plateau and continue making gains. Danielle and Michelle worked together to develop a workout and strength training program that would help the latter reach her fitness goals.

Together, the pair saw Michelle lose over 40 pounds in 2020. Michelle’s tenacity allowed her to stick to her gym workout plan for weight loss and she is happy with the overall results, even though it was really tough at times.

She said, “It hasn’t been easy and it’s taken a while, but I lost 43+ lbs in 2020. And by 2020, I mean the entire year. Most weeks I lost less than a half-pound. It’s hard when everything you read says healthy weight loss is 1 to 2 lbs a week. I couldn’t even lose 1.”

Danielle also helped Michelle develop better all-around healthy habits. The pair worked together to identify areas in which Michelle struggled with her diet and eating habits and came up with strategies to combat them.

“All the literature promotes diet and exercise. I had the exercise part down, but dieting is beyond me. It causes me so much anxiety I gain stress weight. I stress about every calorie I take in and the next thing I know, I’ve gained two or three more pounds. It’s so frustrating.

“Now instead of dieting I just pay more attention to what I eat. And I don’t eat anything, or drink anything with calories, after 8:00 pm,” said Michelle.

Hiring a personal trainer has been a terrific way for Michelle to get healthy and develop strategies for weight management.

Danielle has helped Michelle by providing motivation, accountability, and plain old fun along with an excellent workout plan and nutrition recommendations. Michelle has used the tools that Danielle gave her to develop an overall lifestyle change that has her feeling great about herself.

Michelle said, “For anyone who struggles like I do, the key is to be committed and consistent. Even if the scale isn’t showing results, remember: You are making positive changes; You are burning fat; You are getting healthy.

“Don’t judge your success by a number. Look at your clothes. Are they fitting better? Are they looser? Listen and hear when someone tells you how good you look. Most of all, don’t give up! You are worth the effort.”

If you are looking for a great place to get started on the road to weight loss, strength training, or just an overall improvement of your fitness, Advance Fitness is a perfect choice. We offer 24/7 access to our gyms along with no contract commitments. We think you’ll love becoming a part of our family.

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