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New to working out or need a reminder course? Try our 6 week program designed to get you started on your way to a healthier you. We will start you out slow, and then week by week we will challenge you a little more. So, by week 6 you are ready for your set workout; unveiling the body you have always wanted.

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Have you been doing the same routine for what seems like forever? May you are in need of a REVAMP! We will help you break through that plateau by getting you on a six week weight and cardio routine. Week by week we will update your workouts to keep you progressing to the body you want.

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Workout Program…….

This is for those who need to know what they should do when working out. The right order and exercises make the difference in get the outcome you want. We will take the guess work out, so you can just focus on getting results.

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Phone Consultations…….

Do you just have questions? Need some directions? A ½ hour consultation might be all you need.

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Workout Update………

Our bodies adapt to workout routines. When it happens it’s time to make changes to keep progressing. If this is you, the update would be a perfect fit for you. This is for current customers only.

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Personal Training…….

Advance Fitness offers a variety of different packages ranging from beginners all the way to the more advanced. Having a personal trainer is a great way to stay motivated and focused to meet you specific goals. Trainers help instruct proper form, give guidance, and help execute workouts. There are no greater motivations than having a trainer right in front of you knowing your limits and pushing you to them to get the maximum results.

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Group Training………

Do you like working out with your friends? This might be exactly what you need to get you to your fitness goals.

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